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BDSM during Corona time

Most of you know me and my website for years and may ask yourself why this new website came along?


Many of my guests have told me they really miss being able to visit my studio, therefor I invented BDSM in Corona times to replace the usual sessions in the studio. 

We are all being challenged to experience our mutual passion in different ways. Due to the Corona restrictions there are limited options to engage in our bdsm lifestyle, the only possibility currently being virtual video-call. 


So this website has been made with photo’s of the forrest and in my house for they will be the setting where we will be having our online sessions. I hope these photo’ s will arrouse and stimulate your imagination. 

In my experience virtual BDSM will never be the same as realtime in the studio, still I am ready to take the challenge with you and try to create an incredible experience. 


Mistress Manita 

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