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BDSM Online how does it work? 
We engage in a real-time session through telephone calls, chatting, Facetime, Teams or Zoom. We determine in advance what your wishes are and what activities we will engage in. 

I offer three different types of sessions 


One on one


We can have a one-on-one session in which we play together (and I will pay close attention to whether you are carrying out my assignments properly)


Call or chat


An intimate call or chat session via telephone, Whatsapp or Facetime in which we can discuss your specific wishes. 


Session with slave


Last but not least you can opt for a session in which I perform your horny or extreme fantasy with my slave while you watch. This will be a great opportunity to consider whether you are ready to experience it yourself after the Corona period . If you go for this option, there will be additional costs! I will let you know the exact prices are after I learn what your desires are and I have discussed this with the slave who assists me.


Are you interested ? Please fill in THIS form with a few questions and I will contact you. To be clear, the first contact is meant to get the right information from you, and to make it a nice session together. Therefore, be short and clear about what you want and do not expect long answers from me. You will of course receive this during the session. 

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